Divinorium – investigations

Water is an important element in several forms of divination. A method used in ancient Greece was to drop three stones, one after the other, into still water. The first stone was to be round, the second square and the third triangular. The fortuneteller studied the type of concentric circles that were created, to identify and interpret the images and reflections.

Divinorium uses cymatics instead of stones. The sound waves vibrate in the water, drawing geometrical patterns.

As if we could whisper our stories to the waters. And they could answer us through images.


Experimento cimática LUZ para divinoriumCymatic experiment with speaker and water in crystal – Artificial light (2020)
IMG_20200222_113132374_HDRCymatic experiment in fountain – Natural light (2020)
3.IMG_5100-01Cymatic experiment made with a group with cognitive/functional diversity – Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, 2019. There, we told stories to the water and interpreted the frequency drawings. This project was part of Arches, a participative investigation group.


First experiment with water vibrations (2018) – https://vimeo.com/312789012

Words and cymatics (2018) – https://vimeo.com/user56108641/review/393148559/576238a9e6




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