Laboratorio de transducciones – Instalación

Sound Installation – NUDO-NIDO Group Exhibit – Sala de Arte Joven de Madrid, 2020

This installation is an unfolding of the investigation with a listening apparatus in different houses of the Spanish capital. I borrowed the most symbolic objects of each listening session and from them I made plaster casts to create these sculptures, ghost-objects as I call them. In the room you listen to a composition that emerged in one of the sessions, without cuts, effects or edits.

By replicating the form of each object, changing its materiality and standardizing them my intention is to play with the intent of dissociating form and content. We listen to the sound of these objects, which are made through contact with their materiality, but what we see are mute objects – things devoid of their sonorous spirits, as John Cage would say in his incessant quest to find the spirit of banal and everyday objects from their sonorities.

The result is this installation that resembles a room in a house, but queer, twisted, playing with the friction between strange and familiar.

Sound pieces: Stream Fabiana Vinagre | Listen to Laboratorio de Transducciones playlist online for free on SoundCloud

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